Classes in 6 Foreign Languages at Shonai Airport - Effective Use of Terminal

Classes in 6 Foreign Languages at Shonai Airport - Effective Use of Terminal

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Foreign language classes offering lessons in six languages have started in the terminal at Shonai Airport in Sakata, Yamagata Prefecture, making use of the airport environment and providing locals an opportunity to study foreign languages while having fun.

Judy’s English School - Let’s Group (Tel 0234-33-3880), which runs an English language school in Sakata, started classes in the airport’s meeting room starting in October of last year. Up to now classes in English and Korean have been taught to students ranging from kindergarteners to adults, and this month French and Chinese have been added. The four languages are taught at various levels, and lessons can be taken privately or in groups.

In addition, Tsuruoka-based language service provider Translation Lab Alegria (Tel 0235-25-3224) set up classes for beginner’s Spanish and German along with TOEIC-prep (English) lessons starting in November of last year. Each class offers advice on studying abroad and consultations on studying, holds events for international exchanges, and more.

According to Judy Chonan of Judy’s English School, it was operations management company Shonai Airport Building’s idea to make effective use of terminal space that led to the start of the classes at the airport. Alegria’s Aki Takano said, “There are lots of local people who aren’t so familiar with the airport. I’ll be pleased if we can get them to feel a close connection to this airport [that connects them to the world] by coming to the lessons.”

The airport currently handles regular domestic flights only, but it is gaining notice for its development of foreign language classes as an example of airport facility utilization with an international flavor.