Animated 3-D Digital Signage at Centrair - Test Run by Nihon Unisys

Animated 3-D Digital Signage at Centrair - Test Run by Nihon Unisys

Digital signage Kiosk terminal at Central Japan International Airport (Centrair).

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Leading IT solutions provider Nihon Unisys, headquartered in Koto Ward, Tokyo, began testing digital signage delivered in an animated 3-D format at Central Japan International Airport (Centrair) on March 30.

With the cooperation of Centrair, the tests are being run to verify optimal information delivery and management methods according to various locations and content for the expanding and diversifying digital signage market and technology. The goal is to provide effective information delivery via digital signage by integrating the best hardware and software for this purpose.

Kiosk terminals equipped with displays showing animated 3-D content have been set up in the airport. They will also print out coupons that can be used at airport shops and elsewhere, and will measure their effectiveness. The 3-D displays make use of U.S.-based Provision Interactive Technologies, Inc.’s 3-D aerial imaging system, which creates three-dimensional images viewers can see without wearing special glasses. In trials run in the U.S., the displays reportedly were confirmed to have the effect of making “90% of people stop in their tracks.” Another effective aspect in addition to the images is that the system also incorporates high-directivity speakers to deliver clear sounds as if they were right next to the listener’s ears.

Based on the results of the tests, Nihon Unisys will consider offering total support - including introduction, operation and maintenance of optimal delivery systems - and proceeding on to other areas such as content production and management of delivery services for companies hoping to provide information using the signage. The trial period will last three months.