Int’l Charter Usage Trending Upward - Apple World Survey Results

Int’l Charter Usage Trending Upward - Apple World Survey Results

Departing passengers at Haneda's International Terminal.

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In April, Apple World, the Toshima Ward, Tokyo-based company that handles word of mouth information and overseas hotel reservations, conducted a survey on international charter flight usage, and the results have been announced.

With non-stop charter flights departing from Japanese airports gaining in popularity for tourism, the survey was conducted from April 1 to 7 at the company’s site, AppleWorld.com. Its purpose is to discern actual market conditions by understanding the opinions of travelers and visitors to the website.

According to the survey results, 22.8% of people have traveled abroad on an international charter flight. Apple World says the fact that 1 out of 4 respondents have done so, in spite of limited departure days compared with regularly scheduled flights, shows that charter flights are expanding into a steady market. Over half of tourist destinations were in Asia, with 35.4% to East Asia and 20.3% to Southeast Asia. Meanwhile, Eastern Europe stood out in third place with 10.1%.

In response to the question of whether respondents will use international charter flights in the future, 70% answered “I want to sometime,” and 10% answered “I want to this year.” The top three reasons for using charter flights were:

“The flight time is short and I can stay at my destination for a short time.” (37.7%)

“I can go to countries and regions where regular non-stop flights don’t go.” (27.1%)

“I can depart from a local airport.” (16.5%)

Regarding seat-only international charter flight sales targeted at individual travelers, which became possible following revisions to rules for inclusive tour charters at the end of last year, an overwhelming 89.8% answered, “I want to use charter flights about as much as regularly scheduled flights.”

The survey had a sample size of 255 people, which included 112 male and 143 female respondents aged 20 and up. AppleWorld.com is a highly popular website among international travelers.