530 WLAN-Capable Shuttle Buses by 2 Companies on Narita & Haneda Airport Routes

530 WLAN-Capable Shuttle Buses by 2 Companies on Narita & Haneda Airport Routes

Screen shot of the Wi2 300 access page.

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On June 1, Wire and Wireless (Wi2, Minato Ward, Tokyo) launched a broadband Internet service in about 530 shuttle buses running on routes to Narita and Haneda Airports.

The company is offering the broadband connections with HSDPA 3G network technology and the Wi2 300 public wireless LAN service using the IEEE 802.11n standard in Airport Transport Service shuttle buses (about 350 vehicles) and on Keihin Kyuko Bus’ Airport Limousine and Aqua Line shuttle buses (182 vehicles). Bus riders can access high-speed Internet from their seats using WLAN-capable PCs and mobile devices. Customers must make a contract to use the service, but it can be used for free until the end of July by registering your email address online and answering a questionnaire.

On the day of the launch, Wi2 also announced the introduction of its One Time Plan with a new fee arrangement for Wi2 300. In response to the short-term usage requirements of users like overseas visitors to Japan, customers can use the service for a single 24-hour period without entering into the contract with the conventional “Variable Monthly Rate Plan” (from 105 to 980 per month depending on usage volume; 0 to 490 yen during the campaign). After initially logging on, unlimited use of the service is available for 24 hours at 800 yen. There are 6,700 access points including shuttle buses serving airports and in roaming areas.

Intending to expand its broadband Internet service on buses, the company plans to deliver timely and practical information and content to user devices such as information and advertisements for hotels and airports at customers’ destinations.