Old "Da Vince Helicopter" Livery on ANA Aircraft - Revived on Domestic Routes


The marking image of "ANA Mohican Jet"

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Starting December 1, ANA (All Nippon Airways) will bring back the “ANA Mohican Jet” livery from 20 years ago on flights from Haneda to Miyazaki and Kagoshima.

The revived livery will be the “Mohican look,” the corporate design used from 1969 to 1989, and it will be applied to part of a Boeing 767. The upper portion of the aircraft will feature a “Mohican cut” with blue lines, and the tail fin will be painted with the Leonardo da Vinci design motif. The same design is the basis for today’s helicopters, and that history extends up to the previous name of the airline company, which was Nihon Helicopter. “ALL NIPPON AIRWAYS” will also be painted on the side of the aircraft in the font used during the days of the Mohican livery.

The livery was first applied in May 1969, and the last aircraft with the design flew until March 1989. These jets flew all across Japan during the country’s period of rapid economic growth. According to ANA, the decision to bring back the livery on a currently operating aircraft was made after an employee made the proposal “to bring back memories of a time when there were so many dreams about traveling by air and to get people to enjoy traveling on aircraft, along with creating a symbol that brings employees back to basics.” ANA says this is the first time an airline company in Japan has revived a livery.

The ANA Mohican Jet will fly until 2013, during which time it will serve each domestic routes in Japan.