8 Daily Flights between Haneda Airport & U.S. - U.S.-Japanese “Open Skies” Pact

8 Daily Flights between Haneda Airport & U.S. - U.S.-Japanese “Open Skies” Pact

The completion image of the new International Passenger Terminal at Haneda Airport. ©Tokyo Intentional Airport Terminal/TIAT

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At bilateral aviation talks between the United States and Japan in Washington, D.C. on December 11, an agreement was reached setting eight daily commercial flights to operate between the U.S. and Haneda Airport. Japanese and American carriers will each be able to operate four fights during the late night and early morning hours after Haneda Airport’s expansion and internationalization in October 2010.

An “Open Skies” pact was also tied between the two countries, allowing airlines the freedom to make their own decisions on routes and flight volume. The pact’s framework includes “fly beyond rights” that will apply to flights arriving at and departing from Haneda, making it possible for U.S. airline companies to operate beyond Haneda.

Commenting on the agreement, Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Maehara said, “The U.S.-Japan aviation market is the largest one for Japan, so this agreement is very significant. Haneda Airport’s internationalization will make great progress by opening international routes from the U.S. mainland and the airport. Also, by agreeing to ‘Open Skies,’ the inequality between Japanese and American interests has been corrected. I expect that the relationship between Japan and U.S. with regards to aviation will grow.”