Giant Quilt Exhibit Starts at Centrair - This Year’s Theme: “Castles of the World”

Giant Quilt Exhibit Starts at Centrair - This Year’s Theme: “Castles of the World”

The Quilt Nagoya Castle. Photo: ©Centrair

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Starting January 1 at Chubu International Airport (or “Centrair”) in Tokoname, Aichi Prefecture, the Art Quilt Museum permanent exhibit of giant quilts put its 2010 exhibit on display with a “Castles of the World” theme.

The exhibit is an art event with a permanent exhibit of giant quilts 2.5 meters high and 2 meters wide in the Center Pier Garden and the Access Plaza, which are public areas of the airport. Since 2005, the “year quilts,” which take on a different theme each year, are displayed in the halls hanging from the ceiling. According to the airport, there is no other facility with multiple quilts of this size, and the opportunity to enjoy the creative designs and excellent quilting techniques inside the spacious terminal is popular among airport visitors.

The theme of the exhibit’s sixth year is “Castles of the World.” To celebrate the city of Nagoya’s 400th anniversary, 32 quilts are on display showing fortresses including Nagoya Castle and Shuri Castle in Japan, and Alcazar Castle in Spain. All the designs were made by professional graphic designers from the Chubu area, and the quilts themselves were woven by quilters from across Japan. A total of roughly 500 people worked over the course of a year to produce the works.

The works will be on display until February 16, 2011. Admission is free.