New Chitose Airport Int’l Terminal Opens March 26th

New Chitose Airport Int’l Terminal Opens March 26th

Completion image of Chitose's new international terminal.

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The international flight terminal at New Chitose Airport in Chitose, Hokkaido will open on March 26th.

The building was designed by Hokkaido Airport Terminal Co., Ltd., which manages and operates the airport’s terminal building, in response to increased demand on international routes. All construction has now been completed, and interior finish work, setting up indoor facilities and other such work is ongoing.

The new building will have four floors above ground and one underground with a total floor space of roughly 61,000 m2. It will be on the west side of the current terminal building, located right in front of the parking lot. It will include a passport control facility that can serve over 530 passengers per hour at peak times, with a future capacity of approximately 730 people.

In addition to typical facilities for international travelers, the terminal will have added conveniences. In the Sky Lounge on the fourth floor, there will be a food court where visitors can enjoy the tastes of Hokkaido dishes, relaxation facilities and a lounge (entry to which is charged), and the first floor will have the Curbside Lobby by which travelers can smoothly transfer to buses and taxis waiting outside. The new international terminal will be connected to the present domestic terminal with moving walkways, as well as electric “help cars” to assist the elderly and pregnant women.