ANA Offers Women-Only Lavatories on Planes - Men Also Want Theirs

ANA Offers Women-Only Lavatories on Planes - Men Also Want Theirs

The women-only lavatory on ANA Plane.

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Since March 1, Minato Ward, Tokyo-based All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd. (ANA) began introducing its first women-only lavatories on aircraft flown on the group’s international routes.

One lavatory is located at the rear end of the economy class section of each aircraft, with a sign on the door indicating that under normal circumstances it is for women only. Female passengers sitting in first and business class can also use the lavatory.

Men can use the women-only lavatory in the following situations:

- When required for safety reasons, just prior to the seat belt sign being turned on during take-off and landing.

- When a passenger is not feeling well and a personal emergency requires such use.

- When there are very few female passengers and the women-only designation has been lifted for the flight.

The impetus for introducing women-only lavatories was the large number of women responding to questionnaires who expressed a desire for them. Some of the reasons given were “It’s hard to use the lavatory after a man has” and “I don’t like waiting in line behind men after eating a meal on the plane.”

ANA plans to have women-only lavatories on all aircraft by the end of April, excluding A320s and B737s. However, the airline said, “After we began setting up the lavatories, some male customers said, ‘We want men-only lavatories since women have their own,’ so we are reconsidering.”