JAL Announces 9 New Int’l Routes from Haneda - 98 More Weekly Flights Starting October

JAL Announces 9 New Int’l Routes from Haneda - 98 More Weekly Flights Starting October

A JAL aircraft taking off Haneda Airport. Photo: Jun Matsumoto

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On April 28, Japan Airlines (JAL) Group announced that, in accordance with the increase in international landing slots with the opening of Runway D at Haneda Airport in Tokyo, the airline will open nine new international commercial routes from the airport.

The routes are part of the carrier’s plans for routes and flight frequency this fiscal year as it undergoes rehabilitation (equivalent to a Chapter 11 bankruptcy in the United States). JAL will add a total of 98 routes connecting Haneda: Seoul Gimpo (21 flights per week), Beijing (14), Shanghai Hongqiao (14), Hong Kong (7), Taipei Songshan (14), San Francisco (7), Honolulu (7), Bangkok (7) and Paris (7).

The flights on the four routes to Beijing, Hong Kong, Taipei and San Francisco are based on the premise that routes to the same destinations originating from Narita will be withdrawn, so actually the move simply transfers the airport being used. Under JAL’s route plans, 15 international routes will be cancelled and 2 will have flight frequency reduced, while 30 domestic routes will be cancelled and 13 will have flight frequency reduced. Furthermore, there will be downsizing of aircraft flown. The announcement includes a roughly 40% reduction of business on international routes, and about 30% domestically, with flight frequency increases only occurring at Haneda.

JAL is the first Japanese airline to officially announce international schedules at Haneda for after October.