Fashion Show at Kobe Airport Lobby - Part of Fashion Week

Fashion Show at Kobe Airport Lobby - Part of Fashion Week

Terminal Collection 2008 Autumn/Winter in Kobe Airport

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Kobe Airport Terminal Co., Ltd. (Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture) held a full-on fashion show in the lobby of Kobe Airport: the "Terminal Collection 2008 Autumn/Winter in Kobe Airport".

The event was billed as "a special project to hold a fashion show in the lobby of Kobe Airport that can only be found in a center of fashion like Kobe." The promotion was launched with the aim of associating Kobe with fashion in the minds of the general public, and is a part of Kobe Fashion Week. This year was its fourth time to be held.

The entire second floor departure lobby served as the stage for the show, with a runway set up in the middle. Models showed off the latest fashion as they strutted, backed by a live musical performance. The show was special for allowing travelers and other visitors to the airport to come close to the models, passing them by at eye level. The show, held twice in the evening for twenty minutes each time, was magnificent with its exhibition of popular Kobe brands and wedding dresses.

The airport operator said that the event at the airport gets more exciting each year along with Kobe Fashion Week, and it was started to bring fashion closer to the people. A spokesperson from the company said, "[This time] has been another big success. We want to work with Kobe and cities across the country to spread the message from the airport about how glamorous Kobe is."

The dates for the Kobe Collection, Japan's biggest fashion festival, are set by Kobe Fashion Week, a series of various events concentrated in the city.