Popularity Vote for Next FDA Aircraft Color - Basis for Design of 4th Aircraft and Others

Popularity Vote for Next FDA Aircraft Color - Basis for Design of 4th Aircraft and Others

A FDA aircraft and its SP goods.

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Makinohara, Shizuoka Prefecture-based Fuji Dream Airlines Co., Ltd. (FDA) has been running the Aircraft Color Popularity Vote “Next Color?” Campaign since June 1 to select a design for the company’s aircraft.

The airline has adopted a “multi-color concept” with a different color for each of its ERJ-170 and 175 aircraft. Under the idea that the more aircraft FDA has the more colorful airports become, the carrier has painted one of its three jets red, one light blue and one pink. FDA is gathering opinions from the general public on selecting the color of its fourth aircraft to be introduced in October of this year, running a campaign on the company website allowing visitors to vote on the color of the jet they want to fly on. The results of the voting will be referred to when selecting the future design and randomly selected voters will be awarded gifts, including 20 free round-trip FDA tickets, 50 baseball caps embroidered with the FDA logo and 100 1:300 scale aircraft models.

FDA is a new airline based at Mt. Fuji Shizuoka Airport, which opened last year, flying small aircraft called “regional jets” (RJs) with a seating capacity of 76 to 84 passengers for good operating efficiency. FDA flies on regional routes to Komatsu, Kumamoto, Kagoshima and elsewhere. By taking over routes given up by Japan Airlines (JAL) this year, FDA also flies four other routes: Shizuoka-Sapporo, Shizuoka-Fukuoka, Matsumoto-Sapporo and Matsumoto-Fukuoka. The airline says it intends to increase the number of aircraft it holds to around seven as it expands its network of operations.

The campaign will run until June 30.