Free In-Flight Milk Service on SNA and Air Do - Milk Day Promotion

Miyazaki-based Skynet Asia Airways Co., Ltd. (SNA) and Air Do (also known as Hokkaido International Airlines Co., Ltd., based in Sapporo) offered free fresh milk from Kyushu and Hokkaido on flights to promote the delicious taste of milk for Milk Day (June 1) and Milk Month (June).

Four organizations -the National Association of Agricultural Dairy Cooperatives, Rakunoh Mother’s, the South Japan Dairy Farmer Association and the Kyushu Love Milk Club- offered free Kirishima Sanroku Milk and Oaso Milk (both 200 ml) to passengers on designated SNA flights (4 daily flights from Haneda to airports in Kyushu) from May 25 through June 7. In-flight announcements provided information on Milk Day and pamphlets about the day were distributed to all passengers. Reportedly, about 5,400 milk cartons were provided during the two weeks.

Hokkaido Tokusen 3.6 Milk (200 ml) was distributed by the Hokuren Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives from June 1-4 and 7-9 at the departure gate for Air Do flights from Chitose to Narita. Passengers who accepted the milk were handed pamphlets presenting information on Milk Month activities and more. Four thousand cartons were distributed on these days.

Milk Day and Milk Month are linked to World Milk Day, which is promoted by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. Various promotional activities have been developed in Japan since 2008. This was the first time that passengers were provided milk on SNA flights, while it was the second time for Air Do following last year’s promotion.