Emobile High-Speed Signal Areas at New Chitose, Sendai and Izumo Airports

Emobile High-Speed Signal Areas at New Chitose, Sendai and Izumo Airports

New Chitose Airport Terminal where the network covers.

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Emobile of Minato Ward, Tokyo, announced on September 11 that its HSDPA transmission and telephone services, EM Mobile Broadband and Denwa Service,, have been available since the end of August at New Chitose Airport (Hokkaido), Sendai Airport (Miyagi Prefecture) and Izumo Airport (Shimane Prefecture).

The addition of these three makes the transmission and telephone services now available at twenty-three airports across the country, expanding the high-speed mobile communication service mainly to businesspeople visiting the airports and people in the aviation industry.

Emobile is running the mobile broadband service with eAccess. EM Mobile Broadband Service makes use of the latest HSDPA communications technology, offering a maximum transmission speed of 7.2 Mbps for mobile devices through dedicated and PC terminals. It is popular for its user-friendliness and configurations, and the company announced that it has held the largest share for sixty-four weeks running in the data card mobile communications terminal market (according to BCN Rankings data from May 2007 to July 2008 cited by the company).

The service covered 85% of the national population as of the end of June, and is continuing to construct base stations to reach more by concentrating on public facilities and other places where people gather in large numbers. At the time of the announcement, the service was also made available at Tenkubashi and Shinseibijo Stations on the Tokyo Monorail Line, thus expanding it to all stations on the line, which provides access to Haneda Airport.