Narita Airport Branding: World Sky Gate_Narita

Narita Airport Branding: World Sky Gate_Narita

Narita's brand identity "World Sky Gate_Narita."

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In June, Narita International Airport in Narita, Chiba Prefecture decided on its new branding as World Sky Gate_Narita.

Narita officially chose this phrase as its brand name, or “brand identity,” to convey throughout the aviation market its brand image based on the airport’s functionality, management and policies.

According to Narita Airport, the branding was chosen to “clearly communicate the airport’s position to everyone in Japan.” It expresses how the airport is a “standard” for others and is “reliable” and “advanced.” World Sky Gate Narita is “a declaration of Narita International Airport's pride and commitment as Japan's premier gateway to the world, the world's portal to Japan, and the major East Asia hub airport serving the global air transport network.” The underscore representing “space” (see photo) is intentionally used to symbolize “the ground and sky.”

The new branding will establish Narita’s image by using it with the airport name and in all corporate communications, which will demonstrate its presence as an international airport and contribute to offering service that lives up to the brand.