Unanimous Decision for Izumo Airport Nickname, Izumo “Enmusubi” Airport, Hypes Connection with Famous Local Shrine

On July 6, a new nickname was decided on for Izumo Airport in Hikawa, Shimane Prefecture: Izumo “Enmusubi” Airport. “Enmusubi” is a Japanese phrase that expresses “tying the knot” (as in getting married) and is connected to Izumo Grand Shrine, which many Japanese visit to pray for luck in finding a marriage partner.

The Izumo Airport Nickname Examination Forum, which is formed by prefectural and local municipalities, tourist organizations and other bodies, received ideas from the public during May and June. The selection committee came to a unanimous decision to adopt the name, which was submitted by an overwhelming 1,076 people out of a total of 3,918.

Other words submitted included “dandan,” which in the region’s dialect is an expression of gratitude, as well as “orochi” (referring to the Izumo Orochi Festival which celebrates the defeat of a giant eight-headed serpent by a local folk hero) and “shinwa,” a Japanese word meaning “myth.”

Next the forum will decide exactly how to utilize the nickname and work out a promotional development plan, which will be used to promote tourism in the local area centered around the airport.