Dog Hotel at Kobe Airport for Dogs Small and Large

Dog Hotel at Kobe Airport for Dogs Small and Large

Dog Hotel & Salon - Doggy Palace entrance.

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On July 25, Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture-based Kobe Airport Terminal Co., Ltd. opened the Kobe Airport branch of the Dog Hotel & Salon - Doggy Palace.

The branch is a reservation-only dog hotel. Since there have been a large number of inquiries regarding dog hotels from airport visitors, the hotel was opened where the former office of Japan Airlines (JAL) was until it closed at the end of May. Dogs are merely received and returned to owners at the airport location, while they stay at their accommodations and receive trimming and other services at the dog hotel in the nearby Port Tower Hotel. There is no fee for transporting dogs to the dog hotel.

A one-night stay for small dogs up to 5 kg such as Chihuahuas and toy poodles is JPY 4,500. Small dogs between 6 and 10 kg such as pugs, French poodles, Corkies and Westies are JPY 5,000. In addition, mid-size dogs such as Shiba Inus and beagles are JPY 5,500, large dogs such as golden retrievers are JPY 7,000 and very large dogs such as Dobermans are JPY 8,000. The shampoo option costs an additional JPY 3,125 and up, while shampoo and trimming together starts at JPY 5,750.

Reception is open from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. (can extend hours due to flight times for an additional charge).