NEC-Supplied Digital Signage and Information System at Haneda Airport's New International Passenger Terminal

NEC-Supplied Digital Signage and Information System at Haneda Airport's New International Passenger Terminal

Digital signage equipment in the new international passenger terminal at Haneda.

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Minato Ward, Tokyo-based NEC Corporation has developed and supplied the new international passenger terminal that opened on October 21 at Haneda Airport with digital signage and an information delivery system.

NEC has provided Ohta Ward, Tokyo-based Tokyo International Air Terminal Corporation, the company that administers the terminal, with the Information Display System (IDS) and digital signage system, the TIAT information management system (TIMS) and the Business Management System (BMS). They are core systems for operating the new terminal.

The IDS uses information displays to provide timely information to terminal users including flight information, traffic information, directions to locations in the terminal and weather updates. The approximately 450 centrally managed displays show the latest information in accordance with time and location. The digital signage of approximately twenty 65-inch displays shows layout plans to each floor as well as shop, restaurant and event information and more. The arrival area tourist information center is equipped with a four-sided multi-display (46"x4) unit that provides tourist information and television broadcasts. The digital signage automatically displays a previously registered schedule of programming that may be altered at any time.

The TIMS facilitates efficient business management through the collection and centralization of a wide range of information that is necessary for the terminal operator, airlines and contracted companies to carry out airport operations. The BMS has features to efficiently assist airport business operations.

According to an NEC publicity official, Haneda is the fourth airport following Oita, Narita International and Chubu International that the company has supplied with digital signage in airport terminals. NEC hopes to use its success to expand sales of digital signage that links operating systems in airports and various other places.