JAL Has "Eco" Goals by Keeping Flights On Schedule with Renewed Efforts in November


JAL's "Time is eco!" promotion.

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On November 1, Japan Air Lines Group commenced its Eco Boarding Campaign with a "Time is eco!" slogan to encourage timely departures.

The airline is working to suppress carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and reduce its environmental impact by keeping flights on schedule. According to JAL's calculations, if each flight is one minute late for departure, then a total of approximately 5.3 tons of unnecessary CO2 are emitted each day. By improving operational timeliness, JAL can shorten times for aircraft to use auxiliary power units (APUs; used to supply power on the ground) and allow them to maintain appropriate speeds to prevent excessive CO2 emissions in flight, thus resulting in large-scale emission reductions.

The campaign will run through the end of November and JAL will widely spread the "Timely Operations = Eco" concept with the "Time is eco!" slogan internally and externally through posters, onboard magazines, its website and other means. JAL is requesting travelers to show up at the boarding gate 30 minutes early for international flights and 10 minutes early for domestic flights to keep aircraft on schedule.