ANA Group's "Eco Bon" Eco-Friendly Livery - Nickname Chosen in In-House Contest at New Airline Company

ANA Group's

ANA Group's "Eco Bon" aircraft.

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On November 19, All Nippon Airways Group (ANA) introduced an "Eco Bon" aircraft with a leafy green livery on its domestic routes.

3 Haneda Airport, Ohta Ward, Tokyo-based ANA Wings Co., Ltd., a new airline established by the group in October, applied the livery to one of its new Bombardier DHC 8-Q400 small propeller aircraft to promote the carrier's environmental initiatives. In the future, ANA Group will make green the base color for its aircraft designs, with the phrase "ECO Friendly Airline" written on the engines.

According to the company, the aircraft's fuel consumption and CO2 emissions are 30 to 40% less than other aircraft with the same seating capacity and it also features reduced noise pollution. The "Eco Bon" nickname comes from a combination of "Eco" and the French phrase for goodbye, "Bon Voyage." It was chosen from among ideas submitted by company employees to "embody ANA Group's attitude towards the environment and its customers."

ANA Group hopes that flying with the special livery will "make us more familiar to customers and encourage awareness among passengers about ANA's environmental strategy." The aircraft with the new livery will mainly fly on domestic routes based in Osaka (Itami), Nagoya, Fukuoka and Sapporo.