Wi-Fi at Haneda Airport Announced by Tourism Agency to Improve Convenience and Competitiveness

On December 22, the Tourism Agency announced that it will set up public wireless LAN environments at locations such as seven major international airport terminals in Japan (e.g. Haneda Airport) so that travelers can connect to high-speed internet access free of charge.

The plan is part of the agency's Tourism ICT (Information and Communications Technology) Promotion Program. At 100 tourist information centers across Japan, public wireless LAN service to connect to the internet (commonly known as "W-Fi") will be available free of charge to all travelers carrying laptop computers, smartphones and other such devices. The Wi-Fi will be accessible at international airports such as Haneda, Narita, Kansai and Chubu as well as international ports including Osaka and Hakata.

There are numerous Wi-Fi services available at Haneda Airport and many other of the facilities mentioned above, but most are paid services requiring prior registration. However, international hubs in East Asia, Europe and North America are partnering up with local telecom service providers to allow travelers easy internet access at airports.

In comments from travelers to Japan and surveys by private-sector companies, "what (internationalized) Haneda Airport needs most" has been "a convenient internet environment/service." The Tourism Agency believes that as one of its national tourism promotion measures, the new Wi-Fi service will improve the convenience and competitiveness of airports and other facilities for travelers while leading to greater travel demand. The agency plans to implement this project after partnering up with telecom service providers.