New Thai Airline First to Hire 3 Transgender Cabin Attendants - Flying to Narita, Kansai

New Thai Airline First to Hire 3 Transgender Cabin Attendants - Flying to Narita, Kansai

Thanyarat Chirapatpakorn who is a new cabin attendant at P.C. Air.

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P.C. Air Company Limited, a new Thai airline that received a business license from the Thailand Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) on December 28 of last year, announced that it has hired 30 cabin crew members, three of whom are transgender individuals.

One of them, 23-year-old Thanyarat Chirapatpakorn―also known as Nong Film (meaning "Film Girl")―was the winner of the Miss Tiffany's Universe 2007 transvestite beauty pageant and thereafter went on to work as a model and actress. The other two are also tall beauties.

When P.C. Air recruited cabin crew for flight operations beginning in March, it announced that there would be "third gender" employees among the hires. In addition to possessing the aptitude required of a cabin crew member, hiring conditions included having undergone a sex change operation or dressing oneself like a woman. Name tags worn in the cabin identify these crew members as transgender.

P.C. Air's policy is the first of its kind. Founder Peter Chan, a 47-year-old fortune teller, and real estate businessman Chatrawiwat Klumkomol have raised THB 200 million. Chan says he was inspired by his "sixth sense" to establish the company and set aside positions for "third sex" individuals. The DCA stated that the hiring of transgender employees "is not objectionable so long as they meet the requirements of the job."

The fact that the two founders of P.C. Air have no experience in aviation is unusual and they have surprised industry watchers by deciding to purchase two used, European-made Airbus A310s when many new airlines use leased aircraft when starting up.

The aircraft are now undergoing maintenance and being painted in Singapore. One will enter service in late-February in Bangkok and the other will join 40 days later. P.C. Air will fly between Suvarnabhumi in Bangkok and Incheon Airport outside of Seoul as well as operate flights to Narita and Kansai Airports in Japan. The airline plans to expand operation of regular commercial flights to major Chinese cities at a later date.

Flight schedules have been finalized and frequent announcements appear on the P.C. Air website.