"Haneda-Kansai-Overseas" Route PR at Haneda Airport Presenting Original Kansai Airport Flights

The PR poster design of "Haneda-Kansai-Overseas" routes.

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On February 25 and 26, Kansai International Airport in Izumisano, Osaka Prefecture held a PR event in Terminal 1 at Haneda Airport in Ohta Ward, Tokyo for passenger routes from the Tokyo metropolitan area bound for international destinations via Kansai.

The airport put up a special booth and stage in the terminal's Festival Court to tell people about the convenience of itineraries with stops at Kansai with the hope of increasing visitors to the airport. To introduce the route there was a panel display set up, pamphlets were handed out and promotional video was shown.

On the afternoon of the 25th, President Shinichi Fukushima and others led a caravan through the court to show Haneda visitors the appeal of using Kansai-only routes and late-night flights allowing travelers to make effective use of their time. Joining the event were Kan-kun, the official Kansai Airport mascot, as well as staff from Ipal, the agency that provides the airport's traveler information personnel. There was also a "speed raffle" for Kansai Airport original sweets.

According to Kansai Airport, routes available along the "Haneda-Kansai-Overseas" pattern are Jinan, Fuzhou, Wuxi, Yantai and Kunming in China, Cheongju in South Korea along with late-night flights to Dubai, Doha, Instanbul and Luxor. A Kansai Airport spokesperson commented, "We hope to promote the routes as an option as the popularity of international flights departing from Haneda increases and to encourage travelers to use the Haneda-Kansai route."