Narita Airport’s Japanese-style Artwork gets a 2008 Good Design Award

Narita Airport’s Japanese-style Artwork gets a 2008 Good Design Award

Artwork in Terminal 2 arrival concourse. ©Forward Stroke Inc

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On October 8, the environmental design artwork in the arrivals concourse of Terminal 2 at Narita International Airport (Narita, Chiba Prefecture) received this year’s Good Design Award in the public facility/architecture category.

The artwork was completed in April of this year by the airport as a display of the appeal of "Japanese maintenance". It was designed to create a fine space in the satellite arrivals concourse where arriving passengers get off, showing the advancement of Japanese culture. The concept is "Japanese handwork". Twelve works of lacquer, bamboo, roof tiles and stucco by artisans are on display on the giant sections of wall space. The airport hopes that, “The artwork will increase a feeling of expectation and the interest of foreign visitors in Japan, and make Japanese people feel a sense of relief and pride in their country.”

At the time of the selection, the evaluation committee complimented, “It makes one feel 'Japan' in an inorganic and impersonal airport. High quality is produced by its 'authenticity'."

The Good Design Award is a comprehensive design evaluation and recommendation system unique to Japan and started in 1957. The award spreads superior design through society, pushing to make life richer and to develop the industry. According to the award’s database, prizes for airport-related works have been given to Central Japan International Airport (2005), the Omron-made airport boarding gate (2007), and the Kobe Airport Earth Clock (2007), though the artwork at Narita Airport is the first chosen for a work of environmental design.