Oita Airport Seeking Fish Prints for Baggage Claim Area Remodeling

Oita Airport Seeking Fish Prints for Baggage Claim Area Remodeling

Design plan for the project.

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Oita Air Terminal Company (Kunisaki, Oita Prefecture) is currently making a general call for fish prints to be used in the remodeling of the terminal it manages at Oita Airport.

In preparation for the National Sports Festival of Japan, the airport is developing its "'Welcome to Oita' Plan for Oita Airport" to give visiting travelers a good impression of the city. As part of this campaign, the interior design of the first floor Baggage Claim Area is being remodeled.

Landscape designer Mr. Eiki Danzuka of the local city of Saiki is in charge of the design plan for the project. He will remodel the area in an image of "The Abundant Seas of Oita" covering all of the ceiling, walls, columns and floor with imprints of fish surrounded by blue. The design was decided on for the area through which arriving passengers pass because the nature and fish of the ocean, along with hot springs, are major tourist attractions in Oita. Completion is planned for prior to the start of the festival on September 27.

About 150 prints are being asked for. If the number of submissions is great, they will be judged for selection. The size of prints will not be a consideration. There are no restrictions on submissions except that fish prints are limited to fish caught in the "Seas of Oita" by those who actually caught them. Along with these requirements, prints should be mailed or brought to the company. Submissions must be received by July 28. Check the company’s website for submission guidelines.

Selected fish prints will be digitally redesigned to display where each fish was caught, who caught it, the fish's name, its length and its weight.

Passenger terminals all over the country are partially designed to reflect the local culture, but the plan for the Baggage Claim Area is a total design concept, and is a unique one that should draw attention.