Launch of Redesigned Kansai Airport Magazine "KIX Magazine"

On April 26, a magazine with information about Kansai International Airport in Izumisano, Osaka Prefecture was redesigned and began publication as KIX Magazine.

The free magazine about the airport that was previously published as Kanku Magazine has been completely revamped for the airport's new "KIX" logo and slogan ("KIX: a compelling 24-hour airport"), both of which were also announced on the 26th. The magazine will be published on a regular basis with the new design and content.

KIX Magazine has 16 full-color pages printed on A4 and A5 paper and there will be 120,000 copies printed for each of the bimonthly (even numbered months) issues. The magazine's main theme is "travel," providing impressive visuals of attractive travel destinations to encourage travel from Kansai Airport and appealing to readers and collectors with its special paper and layout.

The feature article on the first page of the initial issue is titled "First Flights between Kansai & New York - A New York Stroll with Photographer Shingo Wakagi." The story with this photographer who mostly works in Japan and the U.S. focuses on the latest info on China Airlines, which is flying the New York route. Other content includes selected up-to-date information on the airport terminal such as "KIX Travel Fashion," "KIX Gourmet" and "KIX Information" as well as a "Scenes" section with beautiful architecture and landscapes as seen from the airport.

Issues can be picked up at Kansai, Haneda, Fukuoka and Naha Airports, inside Kansai Airport Transportation Enterprise Airport Limousine Buses (shuttle buses) and Nankai Electric Railway Limited Express Rapi:t trains, major stations, in cafes, restaurants, book stores and shopping centers in the Kyoto-Osaka-Kobe area and some stations on the Tokyo Toei subway lines. Readers can also access the same content with the online version through Kansai Airport's Japanese language website.