Boeing 787 Test Flights from Haneda to Other Japanese Airports for Inspections Prior to Service under ANA

Boeing 787 Test Flights from Haneda to Other Japanese Airports for Inspections Prior to Service under ANA

The first Boeing 787 arrived at Haneda Airport. Photo: ©Jun Matsumoto

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On July 3, Boeing Company's state-of-the-art passenger aircraft, the 787 Dreamliner, flew to Haneda Airport in Japan from the aircraft manufacturer's factory in Seattle, Washington as part of an airport facility inspection program in Japan. The aircraft was scheduled for days of test flights to Japanese airports.

All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd. (ANA) is the world's first airline to purchase the 787. This summer, before receiving the first aircraft, ANA and Boeing used one Dreamliner to inspect facilities at Japanese airports, flying round-trip on four routes between Haneda and Itami, Kansai, Okayama and Hiroshima in order to check the suitability of each airport's operations including refueling, aircraft stands in hangers, airport gates and towing. The Dreamliner flew to Chubu International on the 10th and returned to the Seattle factory via some other Asian cities thereafter.

The Dreamliner's debut was pushed back more than three years due to development delays. Many aviation industry insiders and enthusiasts alike greeted the arrival of the aircraft, long-awaited in Japan, with a chorus of cheers from the terminal and observation deck as it arrived on the 3rd at Haneda Airport. The sight of the new Dreamliner has been so popular that there was a crowd of over 1,000 fans awaiting it at Osaka Itami Airport when it visited there.

The 787 uses carbon fiber composite materials to reduce its weight and lower fuel consumption typical for an aircraft of its size by roughly 20%. There are high expectations that it will become the leading next-generation passenger aircraft. ANA plans to receive fourteen 787s during the current fiscal year which will initially fly on domestic routes, followed later by international service. The carrier has already expressed its intention to use its first Dreamliner for regular commercial flights on either the Haneda-Fukuoka or Haneda-Hiroshima route.