Sky Day Events across Japan Include 5 "Runway Walks"

Sky Day Events across Japan Include 5

The Sky Day flyer by MLIT.

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Announcements are rolling in regarding Sky Day (September 20; "Sora no Hi" in Japanese) and Sky Week (September 20-30; "Sora no Junkan") events to be held at airports and other aviation facilities across Japan.

Sky Day and Sky Week were founded by the Ministry of Transport (now the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, or MLIT) in 1992 with the aim of increasing public knowledge about aviation. Each year a variety of events including tours and aviation workshops are held at regional airports, heliports, traffic control bureaus, radar facilities and elsewhere. Most are free to attend for local residents, while some require advance reservations.

According to the official Sky Day Net website launched by the Sky Day and Sky Week executive committee, 33 of 93 Japanese airports and related facilities have announced a wide range of events as of August 26. These include tours of normally restricted areas such as control towers, rides on small aircraft and a "night tour" of Yamagata Airport. This year there are already five airports planning to allow walking and bus tours of their operational runways.

The approximately 40 remaining airports and facilities that have yet to announce plans will be doing so once they have been worked out. Event details can be checked at Sky Day Net and each airport’s official website.