Noto Terraced Rice Field and Sake Brewery "Ownership Rights" as Prizes in Noto-Haneda Route PR Campaign

Noto Terraced Rice Field and Sake Brewery

Noto Airport is running a content for air travelers.

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Noto Airport in Wajima, Ishikawa Prefecture is running a contest for travelers on flights serving Haneda Airport to win prizes with the purpose of promoting the natural beauty of the Noto area.

Four cities and four towns in Noto have organized the campaign to commemorate the first recognized Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System in Japan as well as to promote Noto Airport. During the campaign, travelers on All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd. (ANA) flights between Noto and Haneda can mail in originals or copies of one-way ticket stubs to enter the contest and get a chance to win the following prizes:

Terraced rice field ownership rights (10 people)

Noto sake brewery ownership rights (10 people)

Noto wine ownership rights (10 people)

Noto blueberry tree ownership rights (10 people)

Agehama salt and salt cider set (50 people)

Winners of terraced rice field rights will have their names posted in a nationally designated place of scenic beauty and be allowed to join in planting and harvesting. Those winning sake brewery ownership rights will be able to prepare sake for brewing and design original labels. Entries must be postmarked by October 11.

Coinciding with this promotion at Noto Airport is another one in which contestants can win a set of shellfish harvested by female shell divers that includes abalone and turban shell. Upon landing, two lucky passengers on Noto-Haneda flights (two daily flights) are randomly selected to win seafood (2 abalones and 6 turban shells) worth JPY 10,000. All passengers on arriving flights have a chance to win. Results are announced in the arrivals lobby while prizes are mailed at a later date.

Travelers boarding flights until September 30 can enter the two contests.