New LCC "Peach" to Hold Public Online Vote on Aircraft Name

Izumisano, Osaka Prefecture-based Peach, a new airline operated by Peach Aviation Limited and Japan's first low-cost carrier (LCC), plans to initiate service in March 2012. The carrier is now running a promotional campaign in which the general public will choose the name of one of the company's first aircraft.

The aircraft name selection promo will allow anyone to vote on 50 candidates (screened from submissions sent in beforehand) for the aircraft's name between November 15 and December 9. Visitors to Peach's Japanese website will be able to click on the General Election button to vote online. The results will be announced in late-December.

In addition to painting the selected name on a Peach aircraft's body, the airline will present some lucky voters with "10,000 yen's work of Peach points" that are transferable for tickets as well as "permission to be a cabin attendant for a day."

Peach hopes that "naming the aircraft will build bridges connecting Japan with the rest of Asia." Name ideas must be submitted by November 7.