Popular Original Pork Dish Made with Local Ingredients at Nagasaki Airport

A dish at Nagasaki Airport in Omura, Nagasaki Prefecture has attracted crowds of travelers since going on sale this past June. The plate, called Nagasaki Sweeton, is a cubed-shaped piece of pork with okowa, which is glutinous rice steamed with other ingredients.

The okowa pork is a dish sold in limited quantities at Nagasaki Airport. The pork, a very palatable product made by Osaikai Pork in Nagasaki Prefecture, is stewed in ripened tomato grown locally in the town of Kinkai with a recipe that drew on an Italian method of using tomatoes to cook meat. So soft that it falls apart when held with chopsticks, the non-fatty dish has a fruity flavor. The okowa, made from locally grown glutinous rice, includes the delicious taste of the pork broth and is steamed to make the dish "plump and soft."

This original product was thought up by Keiichi Maekawa, master chef at the Nagasaki Hotel Seifu. The airport sized-down the hotel's version of the dish to create an original one that weighs 100 grams. The Sweeton name comes from the word "sweet" because "the pork is sweetened," while the "ton" part was inspired by women who commented that adding this would make the name easier to remember. All the Nagasaki Sweeton dishes are prepared by hand at the hotel and only 30 a day are made for the airport.

Nagasaki Sweeton is a product developed in collaboration between Nagasaki Hotel Seifu and the airport. Nagasaki Mayor Tomihisa Taue has also given his seal of approval to this fine dish. "We certainly hope travelers will enjoy some Nagasaki flavors," said a spokesperson for the airport terminal's operator.

Nagasaki Sweeton is JPY 1,000 for a set of two. They are for sale in the airport terminal at the Sky Shop on the first floor and at Ikedokiya on the second floor. Clerks pack it with dry ice to keep it cool until eaten or refrigerated. The airport's online shop, Hifumiya, also sells Nagasaki Sweeton.