Name Sought for New Ishigaki Airport Mascot

Name Sought for New Ishigaki Airport Mascot

New Ishigaki Airport's mascot.

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New Ishigaki Airport in Ishigaki, Okinawa Prefecture is soliciting ideas from the public for names for a new airport mascot based on the Crested Serpent Eagle, a natural monument.

The Citizens Group for the Early Construction of New Ishigaki Airport is seeking ideas in the run-up to the airport opening on March 7, 2013. They are seeking a name that will be "intimately familiar and very original." There is no limit to the number of ideas an individual may submit, but each submission form can only contain one idea. The group is taking submissions by postcard, fax and email until the deadline of November 20. Detailed submission guidelines can be found in Japanese at the Ishigaki Commerce and Industry Association website. The name chosen for the mascot will be announced on November 27.

The current airport, Ishigaki, will be moved to another location on the southeast part of the island situated six kilometers away, where construction is in progress. As preparations to open New Ishigaki continue, the airport, in addition to creating a mascot, has decided on the facility's nickname: Bainushima Airport.