250-Yen One-Way Flights in Sales Promo from New LCC Peach

250-Yen One-Way Flights in Sales Promo from New LCC Peach

The first Peach aircraft and flight attendant.

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Japan's first low-cost carrier (LCC), Peach, operated by Izumisano, Osaka Prefecture-based Peach Aviation Limited, announced on December 15 that it will offer one-way fares of JPY 250 on flights connecting Kansai International with Fukuoka and New Chitose to commemorate the airline's creation.

This "Happy Peach Promo" campaign will apply to passengers boarding flights between March 1 and 24, 2012. Sales of discount fare tickets on the two routes are limited to 5,000 seats total, so the offer will expire as soon as this target is reached. Tickets can be booked through the carrier's website and its contact center. Peach will announce the date when sales commence at a later time. Purchasing through the contact center will incur an additional booking fee of JPY 1,050 per passenger per ticket.

The LCC has also announced "Happy Peach" regular one-way fares for the two routes: JPY 3,780 - 11,780 for Kansai-Fukuoka and JPY 4,780 - 14,780 for Kansai-New Chitose. These fares do not include seat selection or baggage handling fees. The "Happy Peach Plus" fare (JPY 5,480 - 15,780 on the Fukuoka route and JPY 6,480 - 19,780 on the New Chitose route) will allow passengers to change their itinerary online free of charge. All fares will incur an additional billing charge of JPY 210 per passenger per ticket. Although a start date for sales has yet to be announced, Peach is planning to begin sometime in late-December or early January.