Boeing 787s on New ANA Routes to Connect Haneda with Seattle & San Jose

On December 21, All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd. (ANA) announced that in 2012 it will start two new routes connecting Narita International Airport with two U.S. west coast cities: Seattle and San Jose. ANA will use Boeing 787s for the routes, which have yet to be delivered.

The two routes are among other long-haul international routes on which the airline's Boeing 787s will serve the Tokyo metropolitan area. This will also be the first time for a Japanese carrier to serve either of the routes, by which ANA expects to meet business traveler demand from Japan and the rest of Asia. ANA will announce scheduling info and other details about the routes at a later date.

In September, ANA was the world's first airline to receive a Boeing 787 delivery, an aircraft that the carrier is already using for regular flights on domestic routes connecting Haneda with Okayama and Hiroshima. ANA had planned to use the 787 on international routes (Haneda-Beijing in December 2011 and Haneda-Frankfurt in January 2012), but the company is postponing these services' commencement due to delivery delays for the other 787s.