Haneda Airport Terminal Operator JATEC Sells Indoor Cleaning Robot

Haneda Airport Terminal Operator JATEC Sells Indoor Cleaning Robot

Autonomous Cleaning Robot "F. Robo Clean"

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Japan Airport Techno Co., Ltd. (JATEC, Address: 3 Haneda Airport, Ohta Ward, Tokyo), which manages maintenance at airport terminal facilities and elsewhere, has begun selling a building cleaning robot designed specifically for airport terminals.

The firm is part of the group headed by Japan Airport Terminal Co., Ltd., which manages operations at Haneda Airport's passenger terminals. JATEC, which has taken care of cleaning up inside the airport's domestic terminals, has partnered with Figla Co., Ltd. (in Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo), a company whose businesses include robotics, to develop and upgrade an industrial cleaning robot. When the new cleaning robot model went on sale in January, JATEC signed a contract to be a Figla dealer to begin selling the product.

The new model is the "F. Robo Clean" Autonomous Cleaning Robot. Its dimensions are 51.9 cm long x 51 cm wide x 43 cm tall. In addition to a vacuum cleaner, the robot is fitted with cleaning features including a long-distance sonar sensor and gyro sensor. It can also travel at a speed ranging from 8 to 30 meters per minute. On top of actions such as forward, reverse, rotate and round-trip, the robot is also capable of avoiding obstacles and automatically stopping when it senses a person in its way. It can even speak to those around it with a message (in Japanese): "I would like to clean, so could you please move out of the way?" F. Robo Clean can operate for around 2.5 hours, after which it requires a two-hour or so recharge. The robot can clean a floor space of up to around 1,700 square meters. One unit costs JPY 1.9 million. JATEC hopes to sell the new model to airport terminals nationwide.