Check-In for Peach Flights in KIX Commercial Zone until LCC Terminal's Completion

On February 16, Peach, an airline operated by Izumisano, Osaka Prefecture-based Peach Aviation Limited, announced the locations of check-in counters that will open on March 1 at three Japanese airports.

The carrier will open one counter in the Aeroplaza commercial zone on the second floor of Kansai International Airport, Peach's hub. The counter will not be manned. Instead it will only offer self check-in service, an arrangement that will last until the airport opens its LCC-only terminal this fall. After check-in, Peach will take travelers directly to their planes from the commercial zone so that they do not have to go through the passenger terminal and use boarding bridges.

Peach will also set up self check-in equipment at the group check-in counter on the first floor of New Chitose Airport's domestic terminal as well as on the first floor of Terminal 1 at Fukuoka Airport. Travelers flying with Peach will use boarding bridges to get onto their aircraft at both of these airports.

Boarding procedures must be completed 30 minutes prior to takeoff at all three of the airports. Peach says it will post notices providing information such as check-in procedures at its website and elsewhere. "As Japan's first true LCC, we'll also offer simplicity in the way we use airport facilities," said a Peach PR representative.