First-Class Seats in Remodeled Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu Guestrooms

First-Class Seats in Remodeled Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu Guestrooms

The shell-type first class seat in "Flyers Room."

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On February 15, Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu, located at 3 Haneda Airport, Ohta Ward, Tokyo (Tel: 03-5756-6000) and connected to Terminal 2 at Haneda Airport, began offering the new "Flyers Room," a remodeled guestroom with a first-class seat like those found on commercial aircraft.

This executive twin room with approximately 40 square meters of floor space has a view of the runways and contains a first-class seat actually used by a major airline for international routes. The room has proved popular among many aviation enthusiasts since it first became available in August 2007 after a hotel employee came up with the idea. Each room comes with a pair of first-class seats, so they have typically been booked by couples to celebrate anniversaries or other special occasions.

The hotel's remodeling has installed one shell-shaped first-class seat in each new Flyers Room with a layout resembling that found in the cabin of an aircraft. The arrangement allows guests to enjoy the luxury of first-class while watching planes land and take off nearby out the window.

Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu is offering the First Class Flight Plan, a special bonus travel package, until March 31 to commemorate the new Flyers Room. Costing JPY 18,000 per person (two-person packages only; service fees and sales tax included; Tokyo hotel tax charged separately), the package, with bookings available for Sundays through Thursdays, includes breakfast. Those making advance reservations up until the day before their stay will receive Original Airplane Shoes, a drink set and Boeing 787 merchandise. This special price is available until March 31, after which the hotel plans to offer a different package. Guests can also select to add an enjoyable Cabin-Style Dinner, an original meal cooked up by the hotel.