Gyudon in the Skies on JAL Int'l Routes with 3rd Air Series: "Air Yoshinoya"

On March 1, Japan Air Lines Co., Ltd. (JAL) began offering for a limited time only an Air Yoshinoya in-flight meal service to provide passengers with authentic Namimori Gyudon dishes from gyudon chain Yoshinoya. (Gyudon is a meal of rice in a bowl topped with strips of beef. "Namimori" means "medium size.")

JAL has collaborated with the chain's owner, Yoshinoya Holdings Co., Ltd., to create the original in-flight meal. White rice and beef are stored in separate containers until served, when the passenger places the beef on the rice.

"We are honored to associate ourselves with the Yoshinoya name, which has a history of over 100 years. Our research has succeeded in offering the same taste in the cabin that customers get on the ground," said JAL president Yoshiharu Ueki on the day of the announcement. Yoshinoya Holdings President Shuji Abe spoke about his company's motivation to develop the meal and his expectations for expanding the company's customer base. "JAL has a 6:4 male-to-female customer base, while Yoshinoya's is 8:2. I think more than a few women will get their first taste of Yoshinoya while flying on JAL."

The gyudon will be available in all seating classes on flights departing from Japan on routes to destinations in the West (with some exceptions) until May 31.