New PBB at Kobe Airport in Response to Increased Flight Volume and Heavy Traffic

On May 19, the City of Kobe, which operates Kobe Airport in Hyogo Prefecture, announced that it will install an additional movable passenger boarding bridge (PBB) for passengers to board aircraft from the terminal, bringing the airport's total PBBs to five.

The addition was made in response to congestion on the existing four PBBs during the early morning and late night hours, when commercial flight traffic peaks, as well as plans for increased flight volume in the future. The construction will add around 845 square meters to the terminal's concourse and a new PBB-equipped gate, Gate 7. Construction will commence this summer and the new gate and PBB will be open for use in June of next year.

At present two airlines, All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd. (ANA) and Skymark Airlines Inc., operate 28 flights a day (27 incoming flights) at Kobe Airport. The lack of gates with PBBs during peak landing and takeoff hours and instances of travelers having to walk across the tarmac meant that the airport needed to improve convenience for travelers and airport personnel.