Giant Smartphone Digital Signage at Haneda Airport Monorail Station

Giant Smartphone Digital Signage at Haneda Airport Monorail Station

Giant Smartphone Digital Signage

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On July 2, large "Will Smart" touchscreen digital signage was put up at Haneda Airport International Terminal Station, a stop on the Tokyo Monorail in Ohta Ward, Tokyo.

Zenrin DataCom Co., Ltd., Tokyo Monorail Co., Ltd. and Monorail Agency Co., Ltd. (all based in Minato Ward) have partnered up to install the signage, which features traveler information services and advertising, on a trial basis. The big sign is about two meters tall by two meters wide, with two 55-inch-high digital displays. The left-side display is a touchscreen "giant smartphone" that people can use to find sightseeing information, maps, a Tokyo Monorail access guide, train route searches, weather forecasts and other info searchable in four languages: Japanese, English, Korean and Chinese. It includes a "photo mail" feature that lets you send search results or photos taken with the built-in camera. Ads, coupons and more will be added to this display at a later date. All content is managed with cloud computing (i.e. over a network). The right-side display shows advertising and other still images.

South Korean firm Finger Tough International, a partner of Zenrin DataCom, helped develop the system. Finger Touch has set up and produced content for roughly 1,000 digital signs, mostly in Seoul airports and subways. Tokyo Monorail decided to introduce the information service to provide its diverse passengers, including inbound travelers (i.e. non-Japanese travelers), with added convenience.

The digital signage is at the ticket gates on Haneda Airport International Terminal Station on the Tokyo Monorail.

Zenrin DataCom says it is planning on installing the digital signage in airports and train stations across Japan.