New ANA/Yamato Transport Service Ships Luggage from Home to Destination for Int'l Flyers

On September 1, All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd. (ANA) and Yamato Transport Co., Ltd. are starting up a new "tebura service" (tebura meaning "empty-handed") so that international travelers can depart without having to carry luggage themselves.

Flyers on eligible ANA flights will be able to have Yamato Transport pick up their luggage from any home or workplace in Japan and ship it, via the company's Airport Delivery Service, directly to their destination, where they can pick it up at the baggage carousel. Eligible flights are on all of ANA's international routes excluding those connecting Narita International, Haneda and Kansai International airports to the United States. After booking or purchasing tickets, flyers can apply for the service at a special Yamato Transport webpage via the ANA site and arrange for luggage pickup. Travelers checking in for their flights online do not have to go through any airport procedures at their point of departure and can simply pass through security after arriving at their destination. They can also receive a confirmation email when Yamato Transport hands the luggage to ANA.

A JPY 310 charge for the tebura service is added to the Airport Delivery Service fee. Sending a standard suitcase from Tokyo on a flight out of Narita Airport costs a total of JPY 2,300. Yamato Transport also has extended hours for luggage pickup to accommodate travelers on flights departing from Haneda Airport after 9:00 p.m. The deadline for booking the service in Tokyo Prefecture (with the exclusion of outlying islands) is noon on the day of departure.

The airline offers a similar service, ANA Sky Porter, without the help of another company, but ANA hopes to provide a wider range of services by partnering with Yamato Transport.