Uniqlo Opens Heattech Store in Haneda Int'l Duty-Free Area to Showcase Brand to World

Uniqlo Opens Heattech Store in Haneda Int'l Duty-Free Area to Showcase Brand to World

Uniqlo's new shop in Haneda International terminal.

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On September 14, Uniqlo opened the Uniqlo Pop Up Store, a retail outlet specializing in the clothing seller's Heattech line of apparel in Haneda Airport's international terminal.

The shop, open for a limited time only, is selling only Heattech items, a key Uniqlo product line that helps the wearer stay warm in winter. Uniqlo has been opening stores inside major transportation facilities since 2010 to raise the brand's awareness and promote its utility for everyday activities and commuting.

Uniqlo's first such outlet in an airport covers a floor space of around 20 square meters in the duty-free area beyond passport control. The company says this showroom shop for new products is meant to introduce Heattech to the world via the 20,000 or so Japanese and international travelers who pass through the terminal each day.

Items on the shelves come in a variety of colors. They include the Women's Heattech Camisole (JPY 943), the Women's Heattech U-Neck T-Shirt (short sleeved, JPY 943) and the Women's Heattech Crew Neck T-Shirt (long sleeved, JPY 944).

Anticipating a multinational customer base, the store has signage in Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean. A Uniqlo publicist said, "We're going to show many countries Uniqlo and Heattech's appeal by setting up stores in this area that is visited by travelers from around the world."

The clothing retailer has opened similar branches at JR Shinagawa, Shinjuku and Omiya stations, but the Haneda store is the first Uniqlo has placed in a duty-free area of an international airport.

Business hours are from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. The store will remain until October 29.