Popular "Sola Parfait" Made with Flavorful Hokkaido Ingredients Sold Only at New Chitose


"Sola Parfait" Made with Flavorful Hokkaido Ingredients

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The new Sola Parfait aviation-themed dessert being sold in limited quantities at New Chitose Airport in Chitose, Hokkaido Prefecture, outside the city of Sapporo, is enjoying solid popularity among travelers.

Selling the airy frozen treat is the Yotsuba White Cozy New Chitose Airport Branch, a wholly-owned outlet run by Sapporo, Hokkaido Prefecture-based Yotsuba Milk Products Co., Ltd. The main ingredient is Yotsuba Soft Cream, a favorite among Yotsuba customers that is produced with loving care right in Hokkaido, along with a perfect balance of "kurosengoku" black beans known as "phantasmal big beans" in Japan, small beans baked to produce a fluffy texture and sweet taste, flavor-rich flour, and an airplane fashioned from "ebisu bocha" red bean paste (only added to parfaits sold at the airport). The addition of sponge cake and a sesame biscuit makes it more than just a product of the vast prefecture's bounty: it is a delightful and splendid sight to see.

The Sola Parfait is an original product Yotsuba Milk Products began selling in July 2011, all of which are made fresh and on-the-spot when ordered by the customer. Since going on sale, these "Yotsuba sweets found only at New Chitose Airport" have garnered solid popularity among air travelers from across Japan and become the poster child of the dessert chain.

Each parfait costs 450 yen. Customers can eat at the counter or order one to-go. The store is open from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.