Safety Messages on Kitakyushu Airport Escalator Digital Signage

Safety Messages on Kitakyushu Airport Escalator Digital Signage

Adcalator in Kitakyushu Airport.

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On November 17, Kitakyushu Air Terminal -the operator of the passenger terminal at Kitakyushu Airport (Kitakyushu, Fukuoka Prefecture)- installed Adcalator digital signage on one of the building’s escalators.

The Adcalator is an advertising and escalator combo developed in South Korea in 2004. Built into the landing platform where people get on the escalator are 37.2 by 22.3 cm LCD screens that display messages urging caution and ads, and internal speakers can provide audio messages as well. The devices have been installed in South Korea and elsewhere, including Chicago O’Hare and Madrid Barajas International, but Kitakyushu is the first airport in Japan.

At first Kitakyushu Airport mostly wants to use the Adcalator to prevent accidents on the escalator. It will mainly display safety messages, in addition to airport information and advertising for transportation and airport services. Future use as advertising media for general companies is under consideration.

Nippon Adcalator, which deals in the devices in Japan and is based in Chuo Ward, Tokyo, has expressed a desire for further expansion for this new form of media. “Starting with the installation at Kitakyushu Airport, we want to urge more regional airports, commercial facilities and other places in Japan to adopt the system.”