New "Photo Spot" at Haneda Int'l Terminal Station on Tokyo Monorail


The new "photo spot" at Tokyo Monorail's Haneda Airport International Terminal Station.

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Haneda Airport International Terminal Station, a stop on the Tokyo Monorail in Ohta Ward, Tokyo, has a new "photo spot" as of July 20.

The spot is at the end of the platform for the inbound monorail that runs to Haneda Airport Terminal 2 Station. It takes advantages of the view on the elevated platform inside the station, which is directly connected to the International Terminal. The photo spot is open to the public. The monorail's operator says the it is designed for more than just taking snapping shots of the monorail cars, but rather for creating a "magnificent view" so that airport visitors can also take in the aircraft landing and taking off on the airport's runways and Umihotaru, the Aqua-Line Expressway service area in the middle of Tokyo Bay.

Anyone is allowed to enter the inbound platform and take photographs, but for safety reasons photography is not permitted along the track-side of the platform and flash photography is also forbidden because it could interfere with monorail operation.

A monorail or platform visitation ticket valid for the day of entry is required as the platform is inside the ticket gates.