Jetstar Japan 1st LCC to Enter Domestic Air Cargo Business

Jetstar Japan 1st LCC to Enter Domestic Air Cargo Business

Jetstar Japan's Airbus A320

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Narita, Chiba Prefecture-based Jetstar Japan Co., Ltd. entered the domestic air cargo business on July 26.

The company, in a business partnership with Chuo Ward, Tokyo-based Air Logistics Japan KK, is offering a freight transport service shipping containers on routes between its two commercial air travel hubs at Narita International (outside Tokyo) and Kansai International (outside Osaka) and New Chitose (outside Sapporo), Fukuoka and Naha airports. There are seven routes with sixteen daily flights in and out of Narita and five serving Kansai. The company plans to use their all thirteen Airbus 320s with up to five of its seven baggage containers to carry cargo. A maximum load for each A320 will be around five tons per flight.

Jetstar Japan CEO Miyuki Suzuki said cargo service "is an important new business to accelerate our business growth by generating new, secondary income." As soon as Jetstar builds its freight transport network it plans to gradually add routes serving Nagoya (through Chubu International Airport), Oita, Kagoshima and Matsuyama, while also utilizing connections to international routes.

Jetstar Japan is the first domestic low-cost carrier (LCC) to offer an air cargo service.