Guest Runner at Hagi-Iwami Runway Half Marathon: Yuko Arimori

Guest Runner at Hagi-Iwami Runway Half Marathon: Yuko Arimori

The Hagi-Iwami Airport Marathon poster

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Participants are being sought for the Hagi-Iwami Airport Marathon to be held at the airport, located in Misuda, Shimane Prefecture, on October 19.

The marathon is part of the airport's Sky Day, celebrating the fifteenth anniversary of its opening and sponsored by the Misuda City Board of Education and the Misuda City Athletic Association. In this first-ever annual event, guest runner Yuko Arimori and invitee Tadashi Shitamori of Yaskawa Electric Corporation will be welcomed.

In addition to the half marathon (21.0975 km; recognition as an official event pending), and 10 km, 5 km and 3km men’s and women’s races, there will be a 2 km race for elementary students and a family race for children up to elementary age and their guardians.

All races will follow unique courses making use of the airport's 2,000-meter runway. The executive committee has stated, “The runway has some uneven spots, making running more difficult than it may seem. Also, for safety reasons spectators will not be allowed on the runway. And because of this the [long-distance] races could be arduous.” On the other hand, the committee also said, "The chance to run on the airport’s runway is a great one, so we hope that we can get a lot of participants, and not only running enthusiasts from around the country, but aviation enthusiasts as well."

According to organizers, entrees have been coming in steadily since June, and they expect to reach 2,000 runners in the end.

Entrees can be filled out online and sent in by post. The deadline is September 18, and details can be confirmed at the event’s website.