Korean Air Presents 11 Retro Cabin Crew Uniforms to Commemorate 40th Anniversary

Korean Air Presents 11 Retro Cabin Crew Uniforms to Commemorate 40th Anniversary

Korean Air crew in 11 retro uniforms.

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On March 22, Korean Air (KE) held an event at the international flight terminal in Haneda Airport to showcase a cross-generational line of cabin crew uniforms.

As part of the airline’s commemoration of its 40th anniversary, a cabin crew has been assembled wearing the entire line of retro uniforms, and they are embarking on a month-long world tour this month as crew for regular flights. The team made its sole visit to a Japanese airport, and the event was held that day at the boarding gate, timed with the arrival and departure of flights between Gimpo and Haneda.

The new line of eleven uniforms includes the vivid deep crimson skirt and sleeveless blouse combo from 1969 that started it all when the airline was established, the gold-buttoned dark blue jacket and A-line skirt of the 70s, the zippered one-piece of the 80s, the dark blue vest and jacket of the 90s, and the current celadon-colored design by Gianfranco Ferre. The crew delighted the eyes of passengers waiting to board as they walked a catwalk just like in a fashion show. As she was enjoying taking photos, a smiling Tokyoite departing for a sightseeing trip in Seoul said, “I’m so excited to take a trip to Korea after seeing the cabin crew wear those beautiful uniforms!”

In conjunction with the carrier’s 40th anniversary events, there is a poll called “Find the Uniform that Best Suits Korean Air” open at its website from April 1 to May 31. Original airline goods will be given to 160 randomly chosen participants.

Korean Air currently operates passenger flights from South Korea to fifteen airports in Japan, and it has announced that it will also fly to Mt. Fuji Shizuoka Airport when it opens this June.