“Kuuki no Minato” Digital Public Art Exhibit throughout Haneda Airport’s Terminals

The Digital Public Art in Haneda Airport "Kuuki no Minato" exhibit began in Terminals 1 and 2 of Haneda Airport (Tokyo International Airport, Ohta Ward, Tokyo) on October 9. Airport visitors are enjoying seeing various new media art works combining digital technology with art.

The exhibit is being put on jointly by Japan Airport Building Co., Ltd., which manages and administers the terminals, and by the Digital Public Art Creation Technology Project at Tokyo University, located in Meguro Ward, Tokyo. Thus, art works are on display in the airport terminals that use the latest technology. It is a novel experiment to get viewers in the giant airport to feel emotions deep in their hearts and to recall memories in the Kuuki no Minato (meaning “air port” or “port to the air”).

The works are exhibited in 19 locations in the two terminals and at Keihin Kyuko Haneda Airport Station. Artist Yasuhiro Suzuki, discussing the creation of the works, said, “It’s important for people to experience and participate in public art, but you can’t get everyone in an airport to do so. However, when I think of the sight of people enjoying my work and some of the others, [I feel that] I want a lot of airport visitors to enjoy the art exhibit.” According to the university project group, there may not be any precedent in the world for holding such a large-scale public art exhibit in an airport terminal.

The works will be on display until November 3.