Haneda Runway D Appears on Google Maps - Manmade Island on the Sea

Haneda Runway D Appears on Google Maps - Manmade Island on the Sea

Runway D appears on Google Maps for the first time in late March, 2010.

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Runway D at Haneda Airport, now under construction, appeared at Google’s online map and information service, Google Maps, in late March.

Construction is now ongoing on the new runway on the airport island over the water about 600 meters off the shoreline. The 24-hour work began in March 2007. The outer wall of most of the reclaimed land and wharf sections was completed in the first half of last year, and the giant 3,210-meter long manmade island over the water with a maximum width of 524 meters became visible.

Until the update, Google Maps’ information on the area under the Map and Satellite views had not been updated since prior to the start of construction, showing only sea water, but the Map view was updated in late March. The simple shape of the new runway and connecting bridge are now shown. The Satellite view has yet to be updated.

According to Google, information at Google Maps is map data offered by providers. The company stated, “We are always updating maps with the help of our providers.”